At Cornerstone there is a place for you to minister and to receive ministry!

We encourage to get involved in some ministries. Not only will you get to share the gifts that God has given but you will build new relationships as well. If you have an idea for a new ministry contact the church office.

A Place For Service

Realizing that the internal walk of faith and Bible study must be coupled with the external shining forth of good deeds (Matthew 5:16), we individually find places to serve the Lord and one another in some of the many areas for service at Cornerstone, members are encouraged to look to their own strengths and consider how they may find ways to minister to members of all ages.

Use of Church Building & Grounds

If you or your group would like to use the church building and/or grounds for meetings or events, please check with the church office to have your event placed on the church calendar. This will help avoid conflicts and assure that items such as cups and plates are available for your use.