Mike & April Havlin

Mike Havlin, along with his wife, April, are veteran missionaries having been on the mission field since 1978. They’ve been involved in church planting, national leadership training, developing educational outreach to the hearing impaired, and social outreach to street women. They’ve served in Jamaica, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, four years of Hispanic outreach in the Washington, DC area and have now been in Nicaragua for eight years.

Managua, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is slightly larger than the state of New York with close to 5.5 million inhabitants, with twenty-seven percent of the population living in the capital city of Managua. Forty-five percent of the population lives on less than $1(US) per day, which makes Nicaragua the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

House Of Hope

In 2001, after speaking to a group of prostitutes, God began to birth a vision to help those women. With each passing day the Holy Spirit confirmed the need to open a vocational center for the women and to provide them with a means to make a living and establish them in the Lord.